We spent more time at the ruins than we thought we would and didnĀ“t get to the next town until about 2:30 where we again had a wonderful Mexican meal accompanied by live music. We then drove to a town called Coba where we thought … Continue readingTulum

Mayan Riviera

The Mayan Riviera is on the east coast of Mexico on a mercilessly flat piece of limestone known as the Yucatan peninsula. This area is home to the Mayans and are noticeably different to the Hollywood Mexicans we were expecting. The peninsula has beautiful beaches, … Continue readingMayan Riviera

Caye Caulker

This is an island off Belize that is approximately 800m long and around 20m wide at its thinnest. It has one main street and a couple of lanes. There are no vehicles to speak of except golf carts which also operate as taxis. The main … Continue readingCaye Caulker


Imagine a national park with 10,000 hills…fairly easy, now imagine if each of those hills was actually a Mayan temple or other structure that was merely overgrown. Now you have an idea of what Tikal is like. We arrived about 3>00pm yesterday and spent a … Continue readingTikal


This town is like a large Trinidad, Cuba..in that it is full of wonderful old Spanish colonial buildings and very touristy…but in a good way. Heaps of Cafes and restaurants but not much live music. The town is surrounded on 3 sides by mountains and … Continue readingAntigua

Lake Atitlan

Our last stop and what a land. Way up in the Guatemalen highlands a volcano collapsed and created a lake of some 120 sq klms. Over the centuries small towns have emerged around the lake and we spent 5 days exploring most of them. Each … Continue readingLake Atitlan

Chiang Mai

OK so I said I wouldn’t blog…..but it’s early and the hostel is great and has FREE internet, so…. Day 1 The boss has me racing to catch skytrain to get to the river so we can go up and down get off get on…etc. … Continue readingChiang Mai

Plain of Jars

Unlike most of the other towns we have visited Phonsavan has not reached a level of friendliness to it’s tourists. The locals are alright but the tour operators are arseholes. There are some great things to do here but it is overshadowed by a darker … Continue readingPlain of Jars

Cairo – by Mike

Due to the surprising amount of requests the on-going CohenRosenberg Adventures continues. After a great week in Manchester catching up with all the cousins (thanks again Mark & Ruth) we found Jason at London airport & continued on to Cairo. The first day was spent … Continue readingCairo – by Mike