Istanbul – by Deb

Now we are in Turkey. A change of scenery and thank goodness temperature – a drop of nearly 30 degrees but still warmer than Sydney! Wow shopping heaven. Ladies – rows and rows of of many different types of shops under the one roof. Jewellery, … Continue readingIstanbul – by Deb

Luxor – by Deb

Well one could mistake this person for the hunchback of Notre Dame! Alas its me all dressed up for the mosque – yes yet another mosque. We are starting to suffer not from ABC disease but ABM disease (another bloody mosque for those of you … Continue readingLuxor – by Deb

Cairo – by Mike

Due to the surprising amount of requests the on-going CohenRosenberg Adventures continues. After a great week in Manchester catching up with all the cousins (thanks again Mark & Ruth) we found Jason at London airport & continued on to Cairo. The first day was spent … Continue readingCairo – by Mike

Plain of Jars

Unlike most of the other towns we have visited Phonsavan has not reached a level of friendliness to it’s tourists. The locals are alright but the tour operators are arseholes. There are some great things to do here but it is overshadowed by a darker … Continue readingPlain of Jars

Chiang Mai

OK so I said I wouldn’t blog…..but it’s early and the hostel is great and has FREE internet, so…. Day 1 The boss has me racing to catch skytrain to get to the river so we can go up and down get off get on…etc. … Continue readingChiang Mai

Lake Atitlan

Our last stop and what a land. Way up in the Guatemalen highlands a volcano collapsed and created a lake of some 120 sq klms. Over the centuries small towns have emerged around the lake and we spent 5 days exploring most of them. Each … Continue readingLake Atitlan