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Meeting Our Waterloo in Stockholm
Rural Sweden, while pleasant, was a tad boring so we looked forward to notching it up a gear in Stockholm. The first stop at the Vasa Museum didn't sound like much but we were amazed at just how first class this exhibition was. This 64-gun warship sank on her maiden voyage in 1628 and was raised almost fully intact in the 1960's.
In Search of Vikings and a Fruit Danish
Crossing into Denmark one of the first stops was in the quaint village of Mogeltonder, whose tiny thatched-roof cottages made us feel we had just entered a storybook.
Postcard Existence
We are walking the streets of Brugge in Belgium and I am trying to decide whether I spend more of my life waiting out the front of chocolate shops or shoe stores.
Greece is the Word
Having waxed lyrical about fabulous France and raptured about terrific Tuscany in previous posts it is now time to gush about glorious Greece. The ferry from Bari deposited us at Corfu town and we made our way to a camp ground at Ipsos beach. With only the taverna between Normie and the water we enjoyed the local area for a day before hiring a scooter and exploring the island over the next few days.
Croatia: Who Knew?
After leaving the Istrian peninsula we commenced the island hopping part of the journey with Krk. Taking a break from the seemingly endless idyllic beach camps we headed inland to the amazing Plitvice Lakes, a chain of 16 terraced lakes, joined by waterfalls, that extend into a limestone canyon.
Gorging Out in the Balkans
In this post we bring back the travel map and discover how beautiful Slovenia is from the wine region through the Alps and to the lakes, and don't miss the Foodies Supplement.
A Wet Start
Hey everyone and welcome back to our continuing European adventure for 2016.  We picked up Normie and headed over to Calais and stayed the night in Dunkirk before crossing through Belgium and hitting Middelburg in the Netherlands.  I have to say that following the coastline of Belgium was a lot nicer than when we had previously travelled through the eastern side. The skies were clear but the temps were still in single digits when we got to the little town of Gouda and after purchasing a month’s supply of cheese we headed off for Keukenhof Keukenhof, for those not aware, is home to the annual tulip festival and we were extremely lucky that clear weather coincided with the blooming just as we arrived. Driving around the area the many fields in bloom and yet to be harvested made a colourful sight but attending the show was even better.  There is even a parade through all the little towns in the area and though it’s mainly about tulips I’m sure I spotted 1 or 2 little pansies. Our friends Cathy and Heino had told us about the quaint little town  of Giethoorn and though the weather had now turned quite wet we managed to […]
Oct 20
Beaudesert, Queensland
While attending this year's ACC national muster I was lucky enough to catch a powerful show by mother nature lighting the showgrounds.
La Grande Finale
The maps you have seen at the beginning of each post this year showed a route and a mileage that was direct from campsite to campsite and didn't allow for the various meanderings along the way
Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto (Eat well, laugh often, love much)
When we last spoke Deb & I were relaxing on the beach for a few days. We eventually got motivated to move 70km up the road to Vieste, a great seaside town with many beach resorts that catered for us motorhomers. We set up camp across the road from the first white sandy beach we have seen here and only a 400m walk to town.
The Easy Pace of Southern Charm
When we left the overcrowded Napoli region it was a joy to arrive at tranquil Paestum. Amazing Greek ruins with hardly anyone about, we felt like we had these well preserved temples all to ourselves.
Dolce far niente
Rather than translate the post title, I'll just let you know that in Australia we have the same phrase, 'doing SFA', though it does sound a little more sophisticated in Italian. Just like 'happy hour' is referred to as 'Aperitivo' it all means "sitting around doing nothing" which is the favourite summer pastime of both countries, and as if we needed any encouragement, Deb has acquired a taste for Prosecco and for me, Campari.
Fantasia Etrusca
We spent an afternoon walking around Pisa taking in the sights but apart from the main piazza there is little else to attract. Florence on the other hand took a 3 day visit and even though the temps were in the 30s we enjoyed the many piazzas, galleries & museums.
La Bella Vita (the good life)
We scrambled down from the Alps and arrived in Venice just in time for lunch. So nice to see friendly faces on the far side of the world. The 4 of us had a wonderful sunny afternoon taking in the sights of Piazza San Marco and around the Rialto bridge but late in the afternoon the heavens opened up and we got drenched. Fortunately, the storm didn't last long and when we emerged for dinner Venice was cooler but cleaner.